Terms and Conditions

This User Agreement (“Agreement“) is a legal agreement between you (referred to as “you” or “Customer”) and ToriyoseBox, (“ToriyoseBox” or “us“). This Agreement governs your use of the ToriyoseBox website, referred to in this Agreement as “ToriyoseBox.com” or the “This site,” and ToriyoseBox services. All services provided by ToriyoseBox are described in ToriyoseBox.com and are collectively referred to in this Agreement as “Services.” As a condition of your use of this Site and Services, you represent and warrant to ToriyoseBox that you will not use this Site or the Services for any purpose that is unlawful, immoral or prohibited by these terms, conditions and notices.


This Agreement supplements the terms and conditions of the Services described in the Site. By accessing the Site or opening a new account with ToriyoseBox.com, you agree to be bound by and hereby become a party to all the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions in this Agreement, you may not use ToriyoseBox.com or its Services.

From time to time and as needed or required by law, we will amend, modify, or change the terms of this Agreement by making those changes directly to the Agreement on this Site. These changes take effect when posted to the site. By continuing to access or use ToriyoseBox.com after any such amendment, you agree to be bound by the terms of the amended Agreement.

Please read the entire terms and conditions of use carefully before you use ToriyoseBox.com. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions you may not use the site. By using the site, you are deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions and are at least 18 years of age or with agreement of their guardian.

    • Freight-fowarding Service: Customer purchase items at their choosing site and ship it to ToriyoseBox facility. Upon receiving items we inspect outside box condition and notify customer shipping and service fee cost. After customer make payment to ToriyoseBox.com we ship items to customers address.


    • Purchase Assistance Service: Customer contact ToriyoseBox.com of their choosing items from third party seller. After ToriyoseBox confirm payment to us from a customer, ToriyoseBox.com purchase items on behalf of a customer.


    1. Registration

    Customers who wish to use our Services agree to all terms and condition of ToriyoseBox.com. And register with us to create customer account. Without agreement you cannot use our services.

    1. Refusal of Registration

    When ToriyoseBox.com find fraud, malicious activity with customer's account we have rights to terminate customer’s account without notifying the customers.

    2. Change of Registration Information

    • When customer’s account needs to be changed, it is customer's responsibility to make necessary change to its account. If any damage occurs in result of failed change in account, ToriyoseBox will not insure any damages.
    • If Services agreement was made before account information update ToriyoseBox.com will honor the information which was provided to the site at the time of agreement was made. If any damage occurs as a result, ToriyoseBox.com will not take any responsibility.
    • ToriyoseBox.com will not share any private information with other third party.(except when law requires). When we need to gather private information for the purpose of verification of user account, customers comply with our request.
    • Customer set own password and have to protect password with caution. If any malicious actively was confirmed with account, customer have to report to ToriyoseBox.com immediately. If any damage occurred as result, we have no obligation to remediate any damages.


     3. Service agreement completion

    When customer make Service inquiry and we reply, it is thought as agreement is completed.

     Freight-forwarding Service

    • Term “Freight-forward” Service only indicate shipment of item from our facility to customers
    • Address.
    • Purchase of items is customer’s responsibility and we will not contact seller for any reason on behalf of a customer.
    • If customer choose to shop from multiple online shop, process fee incur every time when item arrive at our facility.
    • After customer’s item arrive at our facility, we will inspect outside of box condition and notify customer with shipping and process fee via email.
    • After confirming the payment, ToriyoseBox will ship items to a customer. Also we will notify shipping confirmation via an email.

    Purchase Assistance Service

    Term “ purchase assistance” service indicates purchase of items on behalf of the customer. When customer decide to cancel or return item, ToriyoseBox will contact seller and process transaction.

    • Customer first need to let us know the item to purchase along with item cost and service fee.
    • After payment confirmation, ToriyoseBox will purchase items and items will be ship to ToriyoseBox’s facility.
    • After customer’s item arrive at our facility, we will inspect outside of box condition and notify customer with shipping and process fee via email.
    • After confirming the payment, ToriyoseBox will ship items to a customer. Also we will notify shipping confirmation via an email.

    4. Inspection of Item

    • Inspection of item means ToriyoseBox will check the condition of the item as we receive. We do not open sealed box to inspect the condition of item.
    • If we confirm damage outside of box, we will notify a customer to receive further instruction. If customer wish to return item to a seller, customer is responsible to contact seller and notify ToriyoseBox for the returining process.
    • If return of item occurs, there will be no fee.


    5. Liability limits

    • When customer purchase item it is deemed as contract between customer and a seller. Thus, we do not insure any type of responsibility and customer is responsible to resolve issues.
    • Arrived item differ from seller’s website discription (include package design)
    • Counterfeit
    • Inferior electric devise
    • Missing parts
    • Other
    • After items are shipped to a customer, if issue occurs during the transportation such as acts of God, war, transportation difficulties, labor strikes, natural disasters, riots, telecommunications or information services infrastructure, hacking, spam, any failure of a computer, server, or software, or acts or omissions of vendors or suppliers beyond the control of ToriyoseBox, it is customer’s responsibility to solve issue between carrier and customer. We do not have any responsibility.
    • Arrival of item will be confirmed with carrier’s “ delivered” confirmation and we will not insure loss of item.
    • if customer’s chosen online shop was fraud and as a result monetary damage occur,  we do not have any responsibility.
    • Delay of service or cancellation occurs because of customer’s  chosen shop, customer is responsible to contact a seller to resolve issue and we have no responsibility and will not contact seller on behalf of a customer.


     6. Payment

    • Customer is responsible to make a payment to ToriyoseBox within 7 business days after sending invoice email. Regarding purchase assistance service, if we do not receive payment within 7 business days, we will cancel customer’s order.
    • Regarding freight-forwarding service, if payment was not received within 30 days, we will discard items and we will not refund for item and customer will lose membership rights.
    • Purchase assistance service will be performed after ToriyoseBox confirm customer’s payment for items.
    • We will keep item in our facility for free up to 90 days. After each calendar week there will be $5 storage fee will incur.
    • Maximum strage duration will be 120 days, after this period pass and we could not confirm customer’s payment, we will discard items and we will not refund for item.


    7. Exchange Rate

    Exchange rate will be determined by the time customer make a payment. For further inquiry should be made directly to the issued bank. When customer make a payment in Yen, exchange rate will be applied when amount was exchange to dollar.


    8. Return and Refund

    • When customer wish to return item before shipment, customer is responsible to contact a seller and notify ToriyoseBox for process and other necessary information. We will not negotiate return process on behalf of customer.
    • When out side of box was damaged when ToriyoseBox receive customer’s items, we will notify the customer. It is customer’s responsibility to notify us what process to take. After 3 business day if we do not hear from customer and if the shipping payment was already made, we will ship item to the customer. We do not have responsibility for customer receiving damaged item.
    • If the shipment cost payment was not made, we will store item for 7 business days and will discard item afterwards.
    • When item needs to be returned, there will be $8 transaction fee and it is customer’s responsibility to cover the cost.


    9. Handled Products

    • We will not ship any item that violates export law. When customer purchase prohibited item and ship it to our facility, we will discard item.
    • We will not ship expensive luxury jewelry and jewels.


    10.Prohibited Activity

    Customer who wish to register with us and use our service will not do below action.

    Registering with fraud information

    • Use service with identity fraud
    • Spoofing
    • Damaging or obstructing our Service
    • Violation of Public Order and Morality
    • Abusing other member
    • Violating ToriyoseBox’s policy
    • Refusing payment by falsifying after delivery
    • Other inappropriate activity


    11. Termination of membership

    Customer who violates above rule, we will terminate membership and we will not have responsibility to notify customer.


      12. No Agency

      This agreement does not create any agency, partnership, joint venture, employment or franchise relationship. Our failure to act in a particular circumstance does not waive our right to act with respect to that or other circumstances.


      13. Severability

      If any provision of this agreement is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions of the agreement will remain in full force and effect, and the provision affected will be construed so as to be enforceable to the maximum extent permissible by law.


      14. Rights of Changing Policy

      ToriyoseBox hold rights to make any change to its policy when necessary to better serve customer without notifying customers.


      15. Governing Law.

      Customer agree to comply with low which governs ToriyoseBox’s location.